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5 years ago

Bank Feed not matching customer payment

Good morning brains trust!   I have an invoice that is showing paid into the bank account in MYOB and the customer deposit is in the bank feed LH column. The dates and amounts are correct. MYOB wil...
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    5 years ago

    HI DazedNConfused 


    Basically, to make a transaction appear so it can be matched in AccountRight  there are 3 requirements that need to be met:

    • The transaction needs to be going to the bank account that you have set up as your bank feeds account. You can check this via going into the transaction and taking a look at the account number at the top of the screen. This account number needs to be the same as the one listed in the Banking>>Bank Feeds>>Account.
    • The transaction needs to have a similar date range and amount for that bank feed transaction. I would recommend find the transaction via the Banking>>Bank register window to check that particular transaction has been entered correctly.
    • Finally, the transaction must not be reconciled or marked as cleared in the Banking>>Reconcile Accounts window. For example, if you open up the Banking>>Reconcile Accounts window and there is a tick next to the transaction it has been marked as cleared. This would make the transaction not be able to be matched.

    From the information, you have provided the dates, amounts and possibly accounts all match up. So my recommendation would be to see if you can see that payment in the Reconcile Accounts window. If you can see if, is it marked as cleared (is ticked)? If so, untick it and you will then be able to match it.