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3 months ago

Terrible service

My complaint is concerning my Partner Manager Jijo at MYOB...


Before he took over my files I never had any problems...

Trying to deal with him and get him to do anything that is correct is a nightmare..

1 of my files had for some reason come out of the discounted range.. I was advised to take 1 of my own files out of the pool and add the other one into the pool so I could save on the horrendous fees that MYOB is now charging..

After so many attempts to get this right and then the bank account not paying the fees to MYOB everything went haywire... In the end I advised after JIJO advised me that I could put everything back to right again HASNT DONE IT AND NOW MY FILE HAS TO BE SET UP AGAIN AND I HAVE TO CALL THE ATO!!!!


MYOB can you please get rid of people that cannot do their job and stop stuffing people around who dont have the time or the money to be fixing things and writing complaints about people... I have never had a problem like this before in the many many years that I have been using MYOB... Makes you wonder why people are leaving MYOB in droves and going to other accounting programs... MMMM.....

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    Hi Daisy


    We appreciate you for posting here in the forum. 


    I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I've passed along your post to the appropriate team for investigation. You will receive an update after 2 business days. We truly appreciate your patience while we look into this. If you need any further assistance in the meantime, please don't hesitate to start a new thread.



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    My Partner Manager Usman was moved on by MYOB last December.


    Have not heard from my new Partner Manager at all.


    How does a Partner determine the name and email of their Partner Manager?


    There was somewhat of a fallout with Masha at the Sydney office late last year.