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2 months ago

Creation of RCTI In MYOB Business

I am wonderig if the creation of RCTI In MYOB Business will be available at some stage, and it would be great if we could email the RCTI from with in the Purchases window, once it has been created. 

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  • Hi KathyN,


    Thank you for your inquiry about the creation of RCTI (Recipient Created Tax Invoices) in MYOB Business. 


    Although I've come across this Help article, Recipient Created Tax Invoices, that addresses this topic, the option to email the RCTI directly from within the Purchases window may not be currently available. However, your suggestion to include this feature is truly valuable for improving our software's capabilities. I encourage you to post this suggestion on our Ideas board, where our development team can review and consider it for future updates.
    Feel free to post again anytime you need further assistance.


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      Thank you Princess, not quite what I was asking, what I was trying to get at is how to get the RCTI to be emailed from the Purchases window, I will post this to the Ideas board.