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2 years ago

Bank Feeds & USD Bank Account - not associated, and cannot be deleted... please help


The yellow box Warning is constantly showing in my Bank Feeds.  I keep getting this ERROR MESSAGE:

Warning: A bank feed is not associated.  Click Manage bank accounts and associate an account to the bank feed.

I understand that :  Foreign Currency / USD bank accounts DO NOT work in the MYOB Bank Feeds.  But my USD bank account has been listed in the Bank Feeds, and when I go onto Manage Bank Accounts, to remove this USD Account,  I cannot delete this account ,  I get the ERROR: This account has received bank transactions and can’t be deleted…

How can I remove / delete this USD account out of the Bank Feeds?


The other issue is that this USD Bank Account, # 1-1116 is missing from the drop down list…in the BANKING window, Bank Register list.  

I explored the Account Information, and wonder (in the Details) if t is because it is not a Linked Account… ??

USD Bank Account, # 1-1116 is Unlinked

Our main AUD Bank Account 1-1001 is linked to Customer Receipt, Paying Bills, Cheque Payments.  and appears in the Bank Register List.

How do I Link Account 1-1116 ? to Customer Receipt, Paying Bills etc?     And how do I get 1-1116 our USD Bank Account to appear in the Bank Register List ?

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    Hi JennyMEGA 


    Thank you for your post. 


    In regards to unassociating the account from Bank Feeds, you would need to first unmatch any transactions that has been matched or reconciled. After doing that you should be able to delete the bank feed.


    For the USD account not showing on the Bank Register, at this stage, it is only possible to select accounts that are set to the local currency. This is something that's a potential candidate for future development so I have passed on your comments to the relevant team. 

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