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2 years ago

Inventory adjustments


during my leave a staff member entered a EUR purchase and unfortunately put a few "0" too many into the forex value. This resulted in a A$ value of 2,428,593 instead of A$ 24,285.93.

I corrected the exchange rate in the purchase and tried to adjust the values through a value adjustment (see Capture.png). I got the value through the Invtory summary (MYOB2.pdf) but still can't update the purchase getting the zero value message (Capture1.png)

What do I do wrong?

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    Hi PKH1 , it seems you are trying to reduce the inventory value by adjustment, AND reduce the value of the purchase. I suggest that you can't do both. If you want the purchase to be correct, then before changing it, delete the IJ, then make sure the inventory value per the item summary (which is in AUD) is the same as the current AUD purchase value (by doing another IJ), then make your changes to the purchase. 


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      Hello Mike,

      somehow it doesn't work for me.

      Here is what I did. The purchase value of the LED bulb is

      EUR 19.50, the exchange rate is 0.6426 and I have 8 bulbs still in stock.


      19.50/0.6426x8 = A$ 242.80.

      I adjusted the value of this item accordingly the result is shown in the enclosed item list summary.

      My next step is to open the purchase (which has the correct EUR value) and change the exchange rate from 0.00643 (original applied value) to 0.6326 (correct rate as per RBA). Then I try to compute this purchase in clicking ok and still get the error message for the item.

      What is it that I do wrong?