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2 months ago

Unticking Multi Currency and Default Currency

Hi, we accidentally ticked 'I deal in Multiple Currencies' today and haven't entered any transactions since then. Any chance it can be unticked so that we don't have to restore a backup file from a couple of days ago and I assume lose the work that I did since last backup?

Also, is there a place to check what currency is being used for our company file, like a field that says AUD in the setup?

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  • Hi Co 


    Unfortunately once you have turned on multiple currencies, MYOB does not allow you to turn it off, even if it has never been used. You have 3 options:


    • leave as is
    • restore recent backup and re-enter missing transactions
    • get multiple currencies switched off by MYOX Services

    To see what the local currency is, go to Lists > Currencies. When you process transactions, such as Sales, you will see a Currency field (under Customer Name on Sales invoice) - this shows the currency to be used for that customer.