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2 years ago

Gst Accruals

Hi...I am in NZ, my GST is two-monthly, accruals based.  We do NONE of our billing/sales through MYOB, it is an external system.    In my previous accounting software (Banklink), you could add in your closing debtors and creditors manually directly on to the GST form/work paper.  Where/How in MYOB Business does one add the closing debtors and closing creditors?


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    Hi Thellie


    Thanks for reaching out. 


    Generally, if we want to add corrections or adjustments to the account we make journal entries for them. As we are not allowed to provide financial advice. I would suggest speaking to your financial advisor.


    If you need further assistance feel free to let us know. 




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    Hi Thellie 

    You shoud be able to do a journal to account for debtors and creditors, then reverse and redo the following 2 month period. Are you using Connected ledger or MYOB Business Lite?