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4 months ago

GST on import - NZ


The way the GST on imported goods works in MYOB seems strange.  Per the attachment, we pay GST on imported goods of $5992.65. Normally this amount would be allocated to Box 13 of the GST Return (Credit adjustments from your calculation sheet) of $5992.65.  No amount in the MYOB GST return appears and the bank transaction shows a GST amount of 50% of the $5992.65. Surely if I set up the GST code as 100%, the amount of GST should be 100% and should appear in the GST return in Box 13. In pevious message posts, the GST is worked around by grossing the amounts up but as this is GST on imports, it shoudn't be grossed up.  Is this an MYOB software issue that needs to be fixed? 


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    Hi nickclev

    We understand how crucial it is for your taxes to be accurately recorded in your file.


    Thank you for your post and a warm welcome to our Community Forum. We're sorry to hear about the challenges you're facing in adding the GST for imported items. In MYOB Business, the GST return for imported items is managed a bit differently. Typically, you need to create one bill to document the overseas purchase and another bill to account for the import costs. We suggest going through the article titled 'Recording Overseas Purchases and Import Costs'. This will offer a comprehensive step-by-step guide to ensure the taxes are included in the GST return.


    Let us know if you require any further assistance with this.