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3 years ago

AccountRight & Payroll



Does MYOB have plans to integrate Payroll within AccountRight PC client or AC Live?


Does MYOB have a Live Payroll instead of local on a machine?


Does Payroll have the ability to post time against a Job? at the moment we have to enter all the timesheet lines in manually and is double handling. Ideally Payroll should have a Job code field to allocate this way. Automated solution please.


NZ Customers.

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  • Hi HybridCB 


    MYOB Payroll (Desktop) does have the capability to integrate with AccountRight. Help Article: Integrate Payroll with your accounting software has more information on setting that up. It should be noted that these would be two different products but it can send the data between them.

    If you are looking for a more seamless package and an online-based solution MYOB Essentials + Payroll would be more suited to your needs. Check out MYOB Essentials Accounting + Payroll for more information. 

    In relation to jobs, you can configure the AccountRight and MYOB Payroll (Desktop) integration to send job information when processing your pays for those journal entries in AccountRight.

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        Hi HybridCB 


        You are quite correct, AccountRight in Australia does have a Payroll module built directly into the application for AccountRight Plus and Premier versions. The New Zealand Payroll (Desktop) product is built on older technology and is not something that is available for direct incorporation into AccountRight, rather we do rely on those integration methods mentioned in my previous post on this thread.


        Personally, I don't foresee the MYOB Payroll module being directly incorporated into the AccountRight application for New Zealand in the distant future - while it has been floated around in the past it's certainly not something that I have heard about being in the pipeline. As indicated, we are more focusing on bolstering up the MYOB Essentials Payroll and MYOB Essentials + Payroll offerings.

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    Hi HybridCB 

    Note: Essentials Payroll does not have the ability to do job costing. I'm told a new enhanced version with job is due out around October this year.

    There is plans to intergrate Payroll within Essentials Accounting at that time - and will ahve more of the features of AccountRight as well.

    Hold that thought!

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      We have been waiting 9 years for this to happen... Accountright in Australia already have this. Thanks for your info, appreciated.