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8 months ago

Employee with two contracts

Hi We have a permanent employee who is going to do some extra work under a fixed term contract.  Can we set her up twice with two different employee codes as it will be easier to track holiday pay et...
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    8 months ago

    Hi Orchard-Sue 

    I would be getting more specialised HR advice - as I don't believe you can pay Hol Pay as you go as well as accrue for the same employee. You would not be meeting the Hols Act requirements. The rate for leave accrued is based on total gross earnings of an employee - and the employee is employed by the same employer. The second rate should be used to pay for the separate job done, but it will be included in total gross earnings, and therefore the leave rate would be slightly higher in the interim because of the gross earnings over the previous 12 months when leave is paid out. The employee is still only entitled for 4 weeks leave.