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2 months ago

80% ACC payment

Can any one help me with the 80% ACC payment for an employee off work , first week to be paid 80% by us. Do I have to fiddle with the hours (or hourly rate) to make it work, or is there a function somewhere to calculate the 80%? This is a New Zealand based question. Thank you.

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    Hi dagmarF


    Handling ACC payments for employees off work is streamlined within MYOB, so you won't need to adjust hourly rates or hours manually. To process the 80% ACC payment for the first week, navigate to the employee's Pay Details screen in MYOB, select the relevant pay period, and enter the gross amount they would have earned if they had worked (before deductions). MYOB will automatically calculate 80% of the employee's average weekly earnings based on ACC guidelines. Ensure to follow any additional steps provided in this link to complete the process accurately. This approach simplifies compliance with ACC requirements and ensures you manage payments efficiently. If you need further assistance, feel free to create a post again.


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      Thank you for your reply! I ended up calculating the 80% myself. But for next time I will know :-)