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3 months ago

Superannuation Payment



We have processed the 2nd Quarter of Superannuation October to December paid in MYOB with status completed.  We have had an employee's payment returned and for some reason I now have the entire payment sitting back in Pay Superannuation. 


Should I be clicking on this payment and selecting Manage Payments and Edit to Reverse Superannuation? Does this work and could you please step me through the next steps of process as I only want to pay one employees superannuation through to his super fund as all others are correct??


Thank you.

  • Hi Sand3977,


    Thanks for reaching out.


    Referring to the Help article titled "Reversing Superannuation Payments," the recommended course of action is to reverse the entire pay-super transaction. After reversal, you can then proceed to reprocess the successfully paid super payment via "Pay liabilities" and handle the unsuccessful super payments via the "Pay Super Window." It's important to note that once a super payment is reversed, it will still be visible in the Manage Payments window. Could you kindly share the specific steps you've taken so far? This will help me provide you with an accurate resolution. 


    Feel free to respond if you need further assistance.




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    Hi Sand3977,


    Thanks for posting your concern in the forum. 


    I understand your need for guidance on recording returned contributions. I recommend going through the article 'Returned Superannuation Contributions' which provides a detailed step-by-step process for recording these contributions.


    However, currently, there isn't an option to remove the negative payment under the manage payment window. This is because the system currently doesn't have this feature. I encourage you to support the suggestion to add this feature to the system on the Ideas Exchange board. This will help us prioritize it for future updates.


    If you need further clarification or assistance, please feel free to ask. We're here to help!


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      Hi I now have this superannuation sitting back in the Pay superannuation section is this correct, I have tried to reverse superannuation but I am not sure if it is working?

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        Hi Sand3977,


        Thank you for letting us know. Since the transaction is still sitting in the pay superannuation, is the reverse successful? If yes, record the successful paid to pay liabilities, and you need to reprocess the returned. Reversing superannuation payments ( has detailed information and instructions to assist you with this.



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