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2 years ago

Negative superannuation payment

I am using AccountRight Premier V19.16 and am balancing end of year figures.  I have discovered that there is a negative superannuation amount for two employees from Oct 2021.  This was due to a pay reversal as the employees were paid on an incorrect rate.  I did a negative payroll and then another positve payroll and everything has gone through correctly except for the superannuation.  When I have made the super payment to the clearing house for Oct 21 the negative super amounts were not there and so I have overpaid the superannuation for these employees.


What is the best way to tackle this as I want these negative amounts to come off the next payment for super, or do I need to request a refund from the funds (and do I do this through the clearng house?)


The amounts are sitting in Pay Liabilities so can I fix this from here?



  • Hi debm 


    If you reverse or create a void pay with a negative value for super, it will show on Pay Liabilities but will not factor on the Pay Superannuation window.


    As the adjustment was a reversal of another payrun, you could record a pay liabilities transaction and set the date range for the exact date range of the individual pay and reversal.


    As the reversal will offset the original payment, this will show as $0 in the pay liabilities window, which you can then record and then will not come up in the pay super window to be paid.


    Hope that helps.

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    Hi debm 


    Just a suggestion. Try using the Pay Liabilities for Liability Type - Superannuation, and date from 1/10/21 to current and see if the negative and positive liabilities are there. If so, you can offset these against each other and pay the nett amount to super.




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      Thanks for the reply Liz.


      I have done that and the negatives values are there but I don't know what to do with them eg. should they go to the bank or contra acc or clearing acc????


      Also I need these negative values to come off the future super to be paid to these employees as I've paid them extra super that I need to recoup and they don't show up in the pay superannuation section, only the positive amounts did and that why I made the mistake of paying extra.


      It's a bit confusting!

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      And I should also mention that the postive amounts aren't there because they were included in the Oct payment to the clearing house

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        Hi debm 


        Am I correct in understanding that you have done an overpayment and you are doing a negative pay as an adjustment?


        To do this you would create a new pay run for the last day of the month and enter wage and entitlement amounts as 0, and put the negative amount of super that was overpaid in the superannuation row. 


        The detailed steps on how to do this are mentioned in this Help Article: Checking and adjusting superannuation: Fixing incorrect super calculations from previous months.


        Hope that helps.


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