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2 months ago

ATO -W1- AMOUNT NOT balancing

Hi team,   I created a new category for super salary sacrifice for a staff member. I used the same setting as per another staff member with different deduction amount.


When we processed our BAS with ATO,  the amount for the month , did not balance , is look like the unbalanced figure is the amount of the salary sacrifice for this staff. whats gone wrong. The amount  of salary sacrifice did not reduce the total reported to ATO, at W1.  


what else can i cross check to ensure the set up was correct please

many thanks 

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    Hi Gasso


    Thank you for the post. To ensure the correct reporting in your BAS with the ATO, you need to double check the configuration of the new salary sacrifice category. It's important that it's set up to deduct the employee's gross pay before tax. Confirm that the salary sacrifice category is correctly reducing the W1 amount (total gross payments) reported to the ATO. You also need to verify that the affected staff member's profile reflects the correct salary sacrifice deduction setup and that any changes made are accurately reflected in payroll calculations and BAS reporting.