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3 months ago

Multiple pay rates

I use MYOB for payroll but we now have employees working on different awards using different base pay rates. Sometimes they work part of the week on 2 different awards.

I have managed this so far by using their pay base rate for one award, then adding heaps of categories with a specific rate- time and a half, double time etc each with its own category instead od using the "base rate times 2" method. this necessitates heaps of changes every time an award gets a rise and i have about 120 categories for all the awards.

Can anyone suggest:

  • How else i could use MYOB?
  • Other payroll software that could handle this?

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    Hi Peterll


    I see that you're dealing with a complex payroll situation with multiple awards and pay rates. While MYOB does offer flexibility in managing different pay rates, it can get tricky when there are numerous categories to manage. It's important to note that transitioning to a new system may require some time and resources. As I can't recommend specific software, I suggest reaching out to our support team or MOCA, our virtual assistant, for further assistance. If MOCA can't help, you'll be directed to our live chat team. They might be able to provide more tailored advice based on your specific situation. Let me know if you require further help!



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