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2 months ago

Payroll reporting in STP and Payslip

I have two questions - one about STP (Payroll reporting - employee year-to-date) and the second one about payslip (auto generated from myob).
For one of my employees, I just found out that her payroll activity report is correct whilst STP (Payroll reporting - employee year-to-date), payroll summary & payroll register report were not. The discrepancy is the reversal amount, I did the reversal pay run in January, status accepted by the ATO.

Her gross payment amount and PAYG withholding amount were not reversed. So the correct gross payment amount should be $7038.69 instead of $8153.73 and the PAYG withholding amount should be $1556, instead of $1803.

Second question is her payslip which was also affected, still the same amount as the STP figure. Her payslip is auto-generated from the template here in MYOB. Can the payslip be modified to reflect these changes? As the YTD amount still includes the reversal amount.

I only just realised these issues recently. 
Is there any way to fix this before EOFY finalisation?


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    Hi CWK


    Regarding your first question about the STP and payroll reports not matching for your employee, if the payroll register is correct but the payroll activity YTD verification doesn't match, you can send an update event to correct this with the ATO. Now, about the pay slip issue generated from MYOB Business Pro, unfortunately, personalizing pay slips in this version is quite limited. The system generates them automatically based on the template without much room for modification. If you encounter issues in the future, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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