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2 years ago

Can not view an back order on MYOB accountright live plus

I am using MYOB Accountright Live Plus

I have an item invoice with a back order that was created by pushing item on the back order .

I have both invoice number and back order number on the MYOB System

I can only view the invoice but I could not view the back order on the order list of this customer

After checking on "find transaction" using both search "invoice number" and "customer order number", both given the same results that I only can view the back order appear on small window (see attached screenshot) but I can not open to view its details or it does not appear on the order list, please check and advise

  • Dear MYOB Team,


    Please do not need to work on this question anymore

    I found the reason why could not view is the date was changed to a far future date (I guess by accidentally) therefore we can not view it when you think it is on the right date range.

    So the solution is if we can not view we just need to change the date far enough :-)


    Thank you anyway


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  • Hi pandasaigon 


    You are using Invoice tab of the Find Transactions system. Although this can be a nuisance sometimes, MYOB does not regard an Order or a Quote as a 'transaction' and so it does not display these here.


    You will need to go to the Purchases (or Sales) Registers and use the Orders tab to view the Order details. The Orders tab will display open orders only. Once an Order is converted to an Invoice, it is hidden from view.


    Hope this helps.


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      Dear gavin,


      Your advice below is not help, I am sorry.

      I did try Sales Registers and use the Orders tab (or any tab on Sales) , it does not appeal on the order list or any tab at all, even though I knew the transaction ID number.

      Is there any other way that you can view a transaction ID number ?

      I used this MYOB for over 10 years I have never seen this problem.

      I hope for a solution soon

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        Hi pandasaigon 


        Sorry my comments were not helpful. I am not familiar with raising a Sales Item Invoice and then 'pushing item on the back order' as a Sales Order. 


        I have no idea why or when one would use a Sales back order. Perhaps you can provide an example to enlighten me.


        My experience is with creating a Purchase Order for an Item you are trying to sell however do not have enough stock. As I mentioned, once you convert a Purchase Order to a Bill (invoice), MYOB hides the original Purchase Order. Perhaps the same thing happens with Sales and Sales Orders.


        If it is a Sales Order you are looking for, I can only suggest you do a Sales Order export and see if the Order appears there. This is the only way to see a hidden Order. If not, another possibility is the Sales Order was created in a different copy of the company file to the one you are now looking at.