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3 years ago

Error Lodging Taxable Payment Reports

I Am trying to lodge a client's TPAR and keep getting the below error message   Line 187. Please contact your software developer. The file contains an illegal character at end of last record.   I...
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    3 years ago

    Hi Kristyh1 

    If your file is online, we can run a script to identify which supplier cards contain invalid characters. Send us your serial number and company file name by Private Message so we can organise that.


    If not, the line number can be easily found using Notepad++ instead of notepad by following the steps given below:


    1. Open the EMPDUPE file in notepad ++

    2. From the Search menu choose Find Characters in Range

    3. Select Non-ASCII Characters and click Find

      Notepad ++ will then display where the invalid character is.

    4. Click on the top of the notepad ++ application and the cursor will flash just after the invalid character. In the example below the invalid character is a SPACE. 

    5. Repeat until all invalid characters are removed.

      After this is done, you can fix the data in AccountRight and recreate the EMPDUPE file.