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2 years ago

Help with Lock Period and negative on hand

Currently trying to clean up company files that have been just chugging along for the last couple of years.

Wanting to remove old data (eg. old unsent remittance advice, packing slips, received stock), lock periods and just getting MYOB working for us, instead of working around it.


When trying to lock period before 2016 this error keeps coming up about negative on hand values. Please help

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  • Hi InterlineBrie 


    One of the reasons for seeing this message is due to the use of Received Items. If you use Received Items on Purchase Orders, these MUST be converted to an Invoice. Open the Purchase Register, select Orders tab and change dates from 1/1/2000 to 31/12/2023 - look for Orders with a tick in the Received column. You will need to convert these to an Order (whether you need it or not). This will convert the order to a Bill and will affect Trade Creditors etc - so there might be 'adjustments' you will need to make. Make a backup before making any changes - some changes cannot be reversed.


    The message indicates you have such Orders in FY 2016 or earlier and if you Lock that period, you cannot convert to a Bill during that period. While it is recommended you convert all these Orders, you can also ignore this and continue on. I would also recommend your business stop using Received Items feature if it is not being used correctly.