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2 years ago

Importing sales error -25

Hi there


I've been doing the following over the last couple of years and it always worked. Now it doesn't, can anyone help me?


Sales, Service item, Matching fields and importing.  error -25 is now happening.  I've attached a sample of what I'm uploading, creating a txt doc and I've attached the error.





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    2 years ago

    Hi Camelkathy 


    Thank you for providing the sample import file, it's very helpful.


    I'm glad to see our very knowledgeable experts gavin12345 and Mike_James has offered to help, they've offered very valid points:


    - v20xx use different import format compare to v19.x. An import file for v20xx should start with {} in the first line, which looks like this:


    - The column with header 'Inc-Tax Amount' is expecting tax inclusive amount, not the tax codes. Tax codes should be entered in a different column.

    - In the 'Amount' column the software is expect numeric value, please replace - with 0.00 instead. 


    The Invalid Amount error can also refer to the software is finding the numbers in the transaction doesn't add up, e.g. the Tax-exclusive amount + tax amount doesn't equal to the Inc-Tax amount. AccountRight v20xx does more checks during import than v19.x to prevent unbalanced transactions to be imported.


    I'd suggest recording one of the transactions in AccountRight manually, then export it with all available fields ticked. Open the export file in Excel to view the format and how data are presented, then use it as a template. For more details please follow this Help page: Using an import template.

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  • Hi Camelkathy 


    I can't see how this would have worked in the past - what version of MYOB were you using in the past, and what version are you using now? If you have recently upgraded from v19 to AR2022 you should be aware that the import process is in most cases different, you will need to modify the imports to suit AR2022.


    The 5th column of your import file is headed Inc-Tax Amount and yet the value is N-T. N-T is a tax code. Try showing the Inc-Tax Amount same as the Amount if there is no tax. I would also suggest you remove the lines where there is no amount.




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      Thanks, I've checked and I'm using AR2022.


      I can't find any updated information.  I think the 5th column still needs to be N-T as it is required as no GST is on these amounts.


      I've gone to chat bot and have had no success.


      Still trying different things.



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        I'm using AR2022.11  


        When I search on latest information on importing, it says up to AR19.  


        Is there any later information available for importing sales data.