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5 months ago


Is there yet another problem with this software that's now showing security cert issues?

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  • Hi Louise_xoz,


    Thank you for your post, and my apologies for the late response.


    I've checked on our end, and there's been no reported incident regarding security certificate issues. The issue you're experiencing is likely caused by a missing Trusted Root certificate. This might be an issue blocking your computer from downloading and installing the new certificate.


    To help you address this issue, I will send you the necessary steps to manually install the certificate. 


    Please let me know how you get along and if you require further assistance.




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      Delays are normal when dealing with MYOB.


      I honestly wasn't expecting any reply.  Why would the existing certificate be blocked, when nothing has changed at our end whatsoever?


      Don't worry anymore, if this is the biggest (IT'S NOT) PROBLEM WITH HAVE WITH MYOB TODADY THEN IT'S BEEN A GOOD DAY.