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9 months ago

tall emu reviews

Hi.. Was just wondering if anyone is using Tall Emu and integrates it with MYOB.


How are you finding it..


I would like a better inventory forecasting system and a CRM that integrates with MYOB so we are looking at this as an option, some recent reviews on the website worry me though..


If anyone could share their experience, it would be much appreciated. :-)



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  • Hi Jayemee,

    We have implimented Tall Emu in our business 6 months ago having being long time MYOB users.

    The Tall Emu CRM does have a lot of functionality however we are finding serious syncing issues with MYOB.

    One of the the most annoying problems is if we invoice a client before 11AM it back dates the invoice to the day before. We have had a number of rounding error situations where Tall Emu creates an invoice and when it syncs with MYOB the values change. 

    These are still outstanding problems in which the support team continually tells us they are working on it but at this stage is still unresolved after drawing their attention to it months ago.

    We chose Tall Emu as a CRM platform as it was supposed to be a good system to intergrate with MYOB but there is definitely ongoing integration issues.

    Thanks Kelvin



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      Hi Kelvin4172 , the API routine to post invoices to Accountright will only allow net line amounts to be posted,  and it then applies its own calculations to arrive at gst-inclusive values. I think rounding errors are common and unavoidable. 

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      Hi Kelvin

      How have you progressed with your Tall Emu integration? I am just starting out and after 1.5 months I still have not been able to get it integrated with my woocommerce site and myob. 

      For example the MYOB isn't recognising customer payments when importing from CRM.

      Just wanted to see if things get better over time.

      Cheers, Butch

  • Hi jayemee 


    Thanks for your Post.


    I understand your concerns about the review and integration. In terms of sharing about the user experience, I have tagged a few partners who might be able to share some insights about this process. If there is any specific concern/feature that you would like to discuss or would like to see the

    product/watch a demo do let me know and I'll be able to organize with the relevant team.


    Additionally, the provided link details Tall Emu and its benefits CRM Manufacturing - Tall Emu CRM Australia & NZ


    Please feel free to reach out if you need further information.


    brunob LynleyAveris ,@IanChait, jenniek JodySitters 



    Priya Selvaraj



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      Hi jayemee 


      I hope you found the answers and will close this conversation. Please feel free to start a new post in the future.



      Priya Selvaraj

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    Hi jayemee ,


    Tall Emu integrates seamlessly with Accountright and MYOB Business, I am not sure what your concerns are, feel free to share them here and we can cover them accordingly. Alternatively, start a free trial here, and instructions to connect to MYOB are found here, this may be a good way to clear any concerns that you may have.



    • Hi Bruno,


      I am interested to know how many implementations of Tall Emu you have done and if you have overseen the integration in practice yourself?  Has every integration you have done worked seamlessy?





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        Hi Advdis2023 ,

        As an employee from MYOB, I have overseen several implementations, with similar feedback as above, basic implementations (ie just syncing invoices and customers) are pretty straightforward. In more complex settings, ie that need manufacturing setups, the use of the onboarding team is super helpful to iron our nay settings problems

  • Hey Jayemee,


    Have recently implamented the program.

    I think it has some strong points but its also lacking in a couple areas.


    Intergration into MYOB was easy enough, but depending on your knowledge you will need to use thier onboarding service to fine tune how to want it to work.


    Their online help page has been ok, but some of the infomation is outdated, so teaching and learning yourself can be a pain.


    Their helpdesk personnel are amazing to deal - i have currently dealt with (Cheryl, Lisa and Dan) all are amazing but the main helpdesk email respone time have been 50/50 - some times i get a repsonse in 10min and others its been 5-6 days.


    I am yet to fully learn the forecast system that tallemu provide, but i am also quite interesting in this function.


    Any other questions let me know :D