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2 years ago

Review Changes to Creditor File



Our auditor has asked us to provide a report which details changes to the Creditor Masterfile e.g. changes to creditor bank account numbers, names of creditors being changed etc.  I can't find anything in the Help section of MYOB that would allow me to do this, and the only thing that comes close is a Transaction Audit Report which produces a report detailing all the transactions between certain dates, but not changes to creditors.


Any idea how or even if we can do this?





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    Hi Eric3 


    In AccountRight there isn't a report that shows when card details are edited or what was edited. You can restore from previous backups to view past snapshots of the card information, which can help with working out when the data was changed. Making regular backups will definitely help in this process.


    Another method you can consider to better protect the data in the future is setting up Read Only access of supplier cards, so employees who should not be editing the card details doesn't edit it by mistake. 


    If you have any further questions please feel free to let us know.