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5 months ago

Tall Emu Help Desk - No Answer

What are Tall Emu doing about improving customer service and support.
I find the current team there are doing their absolute best under the circumstances, but the response time is far from acceptable and can get extremely frustrating at times.
Help me understand what your plans are to correct this?


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    Hi ChrisAqua,

    Thanks for your post, and my apologies for the late response. Currently, only the Tall Emu representative can address your queries about this matter. You can contact them by visiting this link. They are available during weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm AEST. Alternatively, you can reach out by logging a ticket via email to or by filling out the form on the right to create a new ticket.


    Feel free to post again, we're happy to help!

  • Hi ChrisAqua,


    Thanks for your post and your patience in waiting for a response.


    I understand that the previous response did not fully answer your question. Your inquiry is important, and I would like to guide you to the right place. Tall Emu is continuously working on improving its services. As for specific plans on how they intend to improve their response times and customer service, I would recommend reaching out to them directly. You can reach out to the Tall Emu team directly through this link: They should be able to provide you with more detailed information. 


    Please feel free to start a new post again if you need further help.