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2 years ago

Unable to modify previously recorded Inventory Adjustment - Error despite no changes

I am trying to modify cost prices in an Inventory Adjustment that was made weeks ago. The problem is that when I open the inventory adjustment, I am unable to resave it due to an error "The value of your inventory may not be less than zero (Item Number ########)". 

I understand what this error means but in my case it does not make sense. Here is why...

If I simply open the inventory adjustment, and simply add a fullstop to the memo of the inventory adjustment, witout actually changing any values in the adjustment, I still receive the error. 


The error applies to items that have a negative value that result in the item having 0 items on hand. There are many items on the list that become 0 due to this inventory adjustmet because we made this adjustment to fix auto build issues but this is all irrelevant. All the items on the list that become 0 stock due to this adjustment, have the correct qty values to do this, hence why the adjustment was able to be recorded in the first place. 


I believe the issue is related to decimal places that exist in the database. So MYOB thinks that the adjustments are bringing quantities of items below zero, when this is not the case. The qty adjustments all equal 0 exactly, which is why it was able to record the adjustment in the first place, weeks ago. 


I have called MYOB twice regarding this issue with a total time on the phone of about 5 hours. Both times, some scripts were run, and diagnostics showed no issues, yet the issue/error is still appearing. The person actually hung up on me while I was on hold after trying to fix the problem for 3 hours. I didn't have time to call back and wait another 45 minutes in the que, not knowing if they could even fix the problem after 5 hours already on the phone.

I do not know what else to do so I am posting here hoping that someone can help me fix this problem. 


Let me emphasize that the error is not related to what I am changing on the inventory adjustment. If I simply open and save the adjustment it works, because it is not recognizing any actual change. If I change something in the memo so that it does see a change, then try to save it, the error appears. This is what makes no sense because if I recorded it weeks ago and it worked, why is not working now?

Thank you in advance

  • Hi serkles 


    Please carefully re-read all of the posts above. Everything I have written about Inventory Adjustment Journals applies equally to values as it does to the on hand count. So:


    "If current on hand count for an item is 0, there should not be any reason why you can't create a new inventory adjustment journal and change the on hand count to 10."


    can also be read as


    "If current value for an item is 0, there should not be any reason why you can't create a new inventory adjustment journal and change the value to 10."




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  • Hi serkles 


    The inventory value has likely changed since you originally posted this adjustment. This is likely why you cannot change it - things have changed in the background since. Look at the current item count and value on the Item Profile. Then, rather than trying to change an existing inventory adjustment journal, create a new one.


    If this doesn't work, provide more details, like current value and what it is exactly the inventory adjustment is trying to do.




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      Hi Gavin,


      Thank you for your response. 


      The inventory values for the items in question are all 0. It was this inventory adjustment that made them 0 in the first place. 


      The reason why I am thinking that there is something else going on like a bug or something, is that as I mentioned, I am not trying to change these values. I am simply opening an old inventory adjustment and saving it again. Even if I do not adjust anything, except the text in the memo, the error appears and it doesn't allow me to save it. 

      All I want to do is add costing to some other items in this inventory adjustment. So basically there are a bunch of items that are becoming 0, and there are others that are being added to. I am simply trying to change the cost values of some of the ones being added to. I am not touching the ones that are becoming 0, but the error is saying these items (that are becoming 0) cannot be less than 0. They are already 0 and became 0 as a result of this inventory adjustment. 

      Correct me if I am wrong here....
      Let's say you have an item with 10 qty on hand. You then create an inventory adjustment, and make this item -10, and record it. Now the item is 0. If you then open this inventory adjustment and save it again, it should be able to save since when you open the adjustment, it is "techincally" adding the 10 back on when you open it, and then you save it, and it takes the 10 back off, so there should be no issue. Is this not how it works?

      If that is how it works, then there is some other problem happening with my account. 


      Thanks again



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        Hi serkles 


        Yes what you have outlined is how it is supposed to work.


        However, MYOB's inventory module still has lots of bugs in it and this might include not correctly reversing before re-applying the adjustment. This is why I recommend using a new inventory adjustment for the specific change.


        Another issue which could prevent correct reversal and re-application of the adjustment is if you have used  the Received Items function and have sold any of the Items since the original purchase.