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7 months ago

STP reporting during payroll

Kameleon Group Pty Ltd serial number **** **** **** When I process our payroll using the web version of AccountRight there are 2 issues occurring. First issue (this has been occurring for over a year...
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    5 months ago

    Hi Earl

    Sorry for the delayed response. I waited until I had an uncomplicated payroll before trying the cloud version of Accountright again.  I have just entered my payroll for this fortnight and am still having exactly the same issues.

    I’ve created the payrun and amended the pays for employees, I click “Next’ and get the error "Checking pay run failed. Try again"

    I did a test for this error a while ago. What I did was run a few different ‘test’ pay runs with only a handful of employees, to see if I could isolate which employee is causing the issue.

    I did not get this error once therefore can only assume there are no issues with STP setup.


    When I click ‘Record’ I fill out the ‘Send payroll information to the ATO’ authorisation form.

    I click ‘Submit’ to send the pay run details to the ATO and then get the error:

    "Something went wrong. Please try again or refresh the browser.  Please try again. If the error persists, get in touch with us. Request ID: ebc7158b-7c52-42a0-ae16-b327a19328ca."


    Then I click 'Update and Close' and go into the Destop version of MYOB as you suggested and go to Payroll Reporting>Check Payroll Details and there are NO issues detected.

    I receive a message 'Nice one! Your company information and employee details meet ATO requirements."


    The Diagnostics Log is attached.


    I now have deleted the payrun so I can re-enter it in the desktop version of MYOB, in order to get employees paid today.