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3 months ago

Cannot delete liability account



I have created a duplicate credit card liability account in error and now want to delete it.  It has no transactions attached to it, however it won't let me delete.  Error message 'An account with journal entries may not be deleted.'  I have run my journal report and transaction reports and cannot find an entry to this account.  Where can I find the journal entry, and how can I then delete the account?


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    Hi SoniS,

    Thanks for your post. If you encounter this error, merging accounts could be a helpful solution (combine accounts). For instance, if you have two bank accounts and an inventory account that are no longer needed and are inactive, consider combining them into one. This way, you'll only have one unused account in your list instead of three.

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      Thank you for your suggestion.


      Is there a reason why I cannot delete the account, given it has no transactions?


      I have no other accounts to merge and I am stumped as to why I cannot just delete this one so that there is no confusion in my ledger.  



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    Hi SoniS,


    Thanks for your response.


    Accounts cannot be deleted if there are transactions entered. In your case, if the account was never used and no transactions were entered, you can make the account inactive to remove it from the Accounts List. You can also check the Help Article: Deleting an account for more information on how to do this.


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      Hi SoniS 


      One reason an account cannot be deleted - while the account might not have any transactions at present, it may have at some point in time (since deleted). MYOB tracks accounts that have been used for the Journal Security Report. If there is an entry for the account here, this means the account has been used and cannot therefore be deleted.