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5 years ago

Delete an unused Accounts List

I need to delete a new online company Accounts List which I imported from one of our other companies, but I have found that it contains many accounts which are inactive and are not required in the new company.

Can I re-import an Accounts List or enter my own even though I have already imported the other company list?

  • Hi stevejp 


    Yes, you are right. If the accounts are greyed out, they can only be inactivated and not deleted. But you can absolutely start a new data file and import the accounts correctly.


    To delete the company file, we would have to inactivate it on our end as well. If you decide to do that, please send me a Private Message with your serial number and I will inactivate it for you. 


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    Maybe I should simplify the question: Am I able to delete an Accounts List that has not been used? I want to start again before I make any transactions.


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      Hi stevejp 


      Thank you for your post.


      In order to delete accounts list, you would have to delete each account one by one. It is not possible to delete all of them at once. 


      Alternatively, you can consider starting a new data file if nothing other than accounts list has been entered in this file. 

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        Thankyou Komal_S . I am unable to delete any of them because they are all greyed out, maybe because they were imported from another company and would have had transactions against them. Am I able to delete the company and create a new one in it's place?