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3 years ago

Online BAS lodgement issues

I Have not been able to lodge my BAS online for several weeks now and it is due tomorrow. 


I just was on hold for MYOB for 25 minutes, spoke to someone who I thought was going to speak to the technical department, but has put me on hold for another 36 minutes????  I would not have agreed to that.  I can't spend almost 1 hour on hold when I pay you people almost $200 per month for 3 licences.


Can someone help me with this online now, whilst I sit here on hold for a technical person to answer me!

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    3 years ago



    Hi Jenine


    This has been resolved now. If you're still having problems can you try those troubleshooting steps I provided previously and let me know how you go.

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  • Hi JenineHarris 


    Sorry to hear you're having problems lodging your BAS. If you can tell me what happens when you try to lodge your BAS I'll be happy to help. What error are you getting? If you are trying to lodge in the desktop version of AccountRight can you please try lodging through the browser version.


    Please let me know how you go.

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      Hi Tracey


      this is the message I am now getting:


      We can't get in touch with the ATO right now, so we haven't created any new activity statements for you. This may also affect your ability to edit or lodge forms. Please try again later.


      With lodgement due tomorrow this is a problem?  Has MYOB notified the ATO?

      When will this be resolved?




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        Hi JenineHarris 


        Can you please reload the activity statement by following the steps given below:


        1. Check the date the data was last updated.
        2. Click Update from ledger.
        3. Confirm the date has updated.
        4. Continue to lodge the return.


        If that doesn't resolve the issue can you please try lodging your BAS through the browser as explained previously.