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2 years ago

Taxable Payments Report Assistant

How can I report 2022 Taxable Payments.  The report assistant is showing every year from 2013 to 2021 but not 2022.  I have closed off the financial year but I am still not able to get the 2022 repor...
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    2 years ago

    Hi neleh10a 


    Thanks for your post. The Taxable Payment Assistant will allow you to select the year up to the current financial year set in your company file +1. For example if your company file's current financial year is 2022, then you can select up to 2023 for taxable payments. 


    Please check your current FY under Setup > Company Information, it needs to be at least 2021 for you to prepare the 2022 taxable payments report. If it's behind, please do finalise and close the year to move forward. Please do take a look of this Help article on End of financial year tasks.


    If the problem you are having is of a different nature please do provide some screenshots of the current financial year (Setup>>Company Information) and of the Taxable Payments Assistant and I will be happy to assist.