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5 years ago

Forms: Remittance Advice - Additional columns

It would be useful, if the options in customised forms gave more available fields that you could insert. I need a report that could automatically print from the pay bills screen as we record a payment, with GL accound codes & purchase information on it for authorisation purposes. The current customisation settings don't allow me to add the fields that i need, and the remittance advice doesn't hold enough information. At the moment we have to manually print a custom report for each supplier every fortnight.


"Pay bills report"


  • Me too!! I would love to be able to add a collum Description to the remittance form.  linking information to the description field when we enter a purchase.

    There for sure some customisable fields but the description one is not available.

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    Hi flaviaarantes
    Thanks for your post. Please allow me to extend to you a very warm welcome to the Community Forum. We appreciate your effort in adding your vote and comment for this feature to add a column description to the remittance form. Rest assured that we will relay this to our relevant team.  
    Feel free to come back to the Community Forum if you have any more questions, we are more than happy to assist.