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9 years ago

Inventory: Base Selling Price should default back to zero

We are always entering new stock and can do 20 - 50 items on any given day.  When you open the Base selling price it displays the value of the previous item entered.  If you forget to change the selling price the item then has the previously entered price which may be different by $100's or even $1000'S.   If the person entering the sale of a product affected by this is not aware of the pricing structure it could result in a massive overcharge, or undercharge.  We have very few products with the same price so have to type in every price anyway so a default value of zero would make much more sense.  If selling price has not been entered it will sell for $0  and be picked up easily.    

"Base Sell Price should default to ZERO"

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    I completely agree with this. It's a pain!


    It also carries over the Supplier (if selected) from the previous item entered. It would be good if this field also returned to blank as not all items are bought from the same supplier.