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10 months ago

Imported Bulk items does not show buy, sell, selling price etc.

I am trying to import a bulk list of products. I have copied a template, added details, saved accordingly as text and then completed the process but it is only showing the product name and number once uploaded. I have the buy and sell included but it doesnt show as selected, no prices, no GST details etc. I am so frustrated as ive been trying over and over and still the same. Ive tried in an example account as well as our actual business account. I have thousands of items I dont want to have to go into individually! And there are no contact details for MYOB anywhere. Help!

  • Hi Eddies,

    Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the Community Forum! I'm sorry to hear that you're facing difficulties with importing your product list. I really appreciate your patience and understanding about this issue, and I do apologize for the delayed response. This issue might be related to the format or structure of your template. To ensure a successful bulk import of products in MYOB, please consider the following steps:

     * Template Format: Make sure that your CSV (text) file is correctly formatted. The columns in your file should match     the fields in MYOB where you want to import the data. You can use MYOB's sample template as a reference.

     * Data Mapping: During the import process, you need to map the columns in your CSV file to the corresponding             fields. Double-check that you've mapped the "Buy" and "Sell" columns correctly and that all relevant fields are               appropriately mapped.

     * Data Validation: Ensure that the data in your CSV file is in the correct format. For example, prices should be in              numerical format, and GST details should be accurate.

     * Save as CSV: When you save your file, make sure it's in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format. Other formats               might not be compatible with MYOB.

     * Test with a Subset: Before importing your entire product list, consider testing the process with a smaller subset of      your data to identify any issues or errors more easily.


    If you've followed these steps and are still experiencing difficulties, please do let us know for further assistance.

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    Hi Eddies , welcome to the forum. Are you able to post a few lines (with any headings) of the file you are trying to import? Change the product names if the information is confidential, because this is a public forum.


    Also can you tell us what error messages you see in the log?


    How many items are you importing at one time?

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      Hi Mike


      I have just attached a text file of a few items i tried to import. I had tried just those few items alone and it had the same result as if I were importing the 1500 I need to put in at once. 

      The only error I have gotten now on those was that the item name was longer than 30 so the name was truncated (which is strange as I had saved them all as 30 characters in excel prior to saving as a note file). It just doesnt seem to be registering any other details than the item name and number. The buy and sell need to obviously register so that any costs can show up. When I go into the individual imported item afterwards I can see they are not ticked and when i tick them the costs imported still dont show up so they have not recorded in there so im assuming they are the columns that are the issue.

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        Hi Eddies , here's a few comments:

        - Start by creating one item in your file manually, then export it to a text file and copy/paste into an Excel file. Then you will have the fields in the correct order, and you can fill in the ones you need. 

        - You have an item name with a " in it, for inches. When that is saved from Excel to a text file, it gets converted like so: " 4 1/2"" keel roller black rubb ", ie quotes are added at both sides and the " in the name is doubled up. That's an increase of 3 characters, which explains why some item names may be "too long".

        - To resolve this issue, I suggest in Excel, you replace all the " in the item names column with another character, eg ^ (shift 6), and then save it as a text file. Then before you import to AccountRIght, edit the text file, and replace all the ^ with ".

        - assuming you are only using a base selling price, importing needs 3 fields completed: Quantity Break 1 (with a zero value), Base selling price and Price Level A, Quantity Break 1. If any of those fields are missing, then the prices won't be imported.

        - Notice the comma in "Price Level A, Quantity Break 1", which means that these field names will get quotes around them in the text file, and they won't auto-match. Since you only need 3 price fields, just match manually. 

        - I imported 3300 items into a new file yesterday, and none were skipped

        - If you are providing primary supplier details, make sure the names are less than 30 characters. The supplier name field on the card can be 50, but the item file only allows 30 (long-standing request from many users). You may need to reduce the length of some supplier names on their cards whilst you do the item import, then reinstate the full name.


        You are right to import only a few first, to see if the import works. I hope you can complete the task successfully.