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11 years ago

Reports: Ability to show Spend Money transactions in purchase reports

Hello Support,


I would like you to consider updating the spend money option. I would like to see all transactions that occur via spend money be able to be searched and referencedvia the purchases reports modual.


As an advisor I need to review many clients businesses, when I go into the reports module and run the various purchasing reports I often find little to no information due to the result of the bookkeeper or accounts person has added everything into myob using "spend money".

In recent times I have found this now increasing due to bank feeds as it is much easier to add a rule in bank feeds and have the transaction entered via spend money, than to do and actual enter bill then link and allocate the payment.


"spend money to update various reports in purchases"



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    Hi Tactical Thanks for your feedback into the AccountRight programs. The Purchase reports are generally used to display purchase transactions and therefore tend to only look at the purchase register to obtain that data for the report. Are you wanting the preference for it to look at banking transactions as well? Or would a report showing all Spend money transactions be more appropriate so that you can see the required transactions may need to be looked at to see if they need to be Purchase transactions?
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    Hello Steven, 

    Thank you for reading the idea,

    having an option when running any purchases report to include banking/Spend money data would be great. it would be good to be able to list which module the data was from.


    The problem is purely from a managing perspective, if the bookkeeper/accounts person adds most/all the purchases(obviously not running inventory) via spend money then I would like to run a number of reports that are in the purchases module on that data.


    Reports I would love to run that could access spend money data would be, Purchases[Supplier detail], Purchase register detail, Supplier payment history, supplier payments & purchase history by supplier. These are just some of the reports we would use to analyses the business. AS it is now there is basically no real way for us to get any worthwhile information from spend money


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