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7 years ago

Reports: Today button added to Calendar

Can you please look at having a "TODAY" button on any of the calendars?

When creating custom reports, it usually defaults to the date you set it up and if it was a few years ago, it means you have to manually skip through the months when there should just be a 'TODAY' button there.


If you could also have the custom reports able to recongnise standard relative terms for dates.

ie. "last week" would give you the report based on the dates from 7 days previous to today, or  "last year", "YTD", "last month" etc...


"Calendar - Jump to TODAY Button"


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    Agree, this would be a terrific idea!!

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    This is exactly what I was trying to find a solution to as well. The "today" button seems to be missing as well.

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    I would love to see these dates options as suggested by IN_Trethowan.


    The way I get around this for now is to save over the custom report with the current date (every now and then). 


    In addition to these suggestions it would be great to have the option to have a custom report always produce today's date