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12 years ago

Setup: Ability to change preferences

I urgently need the ability to be able to turn off  the security preference while having other windows open and to be able to keep this window open while I work on the other windows.


The reason I need this is that I know whether I can go in to a locked period and change an entry or not, but my mind is a bit forgetful at times (or the phone rings etc) and if after having changed one or more entries I don't have the security window still open to remind me, I have forgotten to relock the file.


My Tassie mate Tony has come up with a solution that may be able to be used to fix my problem and this is attached.


Maybe other Partners/CC's might like to vote or comment on whether they have this need as well.


"Security Preference"


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    Hi Dan,


    Your idea of giving "users with extra privileges could have the ability to override the locked  period on a per transaction basis (with a warning maybe?) without needing to "Unlock" the period system wide (as this means its unlocked for anyone else who logs into the file)."  is exactly what I have been hoping would be introduced.  The only challenge then is to get clients to understand the importance of having seperate logins of users.


    I also think that "Would an audit of changes made within an already reported BAS period be useful?"  would be a great idea.


    As I find it very frustrating when completing end of year reconciliations, especially for GST, that clients have back dated entries and forgotten to include the new transactions or changed transaction as an adjustment in the next BAS.


    I would also like to ask if there could be an option of adding a password to locking the period as a tick box is to easy for anyone to untick.  

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    Thanks for your feedback LeanneM. It's great to hear that Dan's suggestion would suit your purposes. Your detailed explanation of what you're looking for is very helpful.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    With the release of AccountRight 2015.4 came the ability to change the preferences without having to close down all other windows.


    Although, you might need to reopen certain windows for the changes to take effect depending on the preference changed and the window/s you have open.