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6 years ago

PAYG Payment summaries: Non-super salary sacrifice deductions

MYOB Essentials allows for RESC to be catered for when preparing the PAYG Summaries. However, any other form of salary sacrifice is not. To counter act this, the person preparing the summaries must manually type in the figure needing to be recorded at the Gross payments category. This opens up the possibility for human error, which is what accounting software is designed to prevent.


This could be easily fixed by allowing salary sacrifice deductions to be included in the Gross payments calculation. The same way in which it is down in AcccountRight Live and was done in AccountRight 19.


Superannuation is not the only thing employees salary sacrifice.


"PAYG Summaries to Account for Non-Super related Salary Sacrifice"


  • I agree - and having a manual work around just won't be acceptable with single touch payroll. Hopefully there is a fix coming soon!

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