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9 years ago

Accounts List: Increase character limit

In MYOB account right, the Account Name character field only accepts 30 characters. 


As we have account right linked to client accounting statutory reporter, some accounts names have to be abbreviated and spaces removed even. This doesn't look great especially when the financial statements need to be presented to banks and third parties. We are forced to export the report to word in order to write the full name of the account. 


For example:


With current character limit

account name: Loan-Aust Dir Investments P/L



Proposed character limit increase to more than 50 characters

account name: Loan - Australian Direct Investments Pty Ltd


"Increase Account Name Character Limit"


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    Can we have more then 30 characters in the Account Name field.



  • I agree, we definitely need more character spaces in the account name fields.  Aslo in the Inventory name fields.

    Please MYOB can you do this as it is most frustrating when the field is not long enough

  • I agree. In the modern age we hark back to an eight bit 30 character length limit. Even Microsoft made it 256 characters for file names years ago.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2022.11 allows the name of an account in the Account List to be up to 60 characters.