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11 years ago

Activity Slips: Auto populate customer name from job linked customer

Hi, at the moment we can create a job and link it to a particular customer. When timesheets are entered, the job number is selected and we still have to manually select the customer. My suggestion to save time is if a job is linked to a customer, when that job is selected on a timesheet, Myob populates the customer field automatically (as it has already been linked). One less field for users to complete, saves a lot of time.


"Auto complete customer field when linked with job in timesheet"


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    Thanks for your suggestion, I've moved this post from the LiveAccounts Ideas Exchange to the AccountRight Ideas exchange because this suggestion refers to features that are not available in LiveAccounts. Having the linked Customer on a job automatically show up as a suggestion when you enter that Job on a Timesheet sounds like a great time saver and we would be happy to consider it. Please remember to vote to show your support if you would like to see this added.
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    Yes, I was wondering myself why this functionality was not there to start with.  It would seem a logical next step in the develoment cycle to fix this in the time sheet if the customer was already linked.

    Some of my clients are using time billing in a big way and if this would be pre-populated it would alleviate the possibility of choosing the wrong customer and improve the workflow.

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    I agree. Even if it can't be automatically selected, if there is a warning to say the customer selected doesn't match the linked customer this would be helpful. Sometimes the person entering the timesheet doesn't know who the job is for and is required to open the job list to find the correct name.