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5 years ago

API: AutoBuild endpoint

Please add end point support for Auto Build function in the AccountRight API. We have a number of clients needing it.


"AccountRight API: Autobuild"


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    It is hard to understand why, after all this time, there is still no Build Item endpoint in the AR API.


    The information is clearly in the system, and most frustrating it is not accessible through the API.


    We need to knew what each Item is built from ie components - item reference, quantity etc.




    "Accountright API - Built Items"

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      I would love to see this end point added to the API. 

  • I vote for this one too

    Ive just been speaking with an business using Accounting Right wanting to analyse inventory data in in Power BI and given that this end point is not available they cant create the reports they are after. Its important enough that they will be looking into alternative accounting software as a result of it not being there


    Jeff Stephenson - OdataLink




  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    With the release of AccountRight 2022.3, we have made some changes to the Inventory/Item endpoint that allows for the Bill of Materials filter for that endpoint.

    More information can be found on Bill of Materials.