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3 months ago

Attaching documents to Purchase Orders in Account Right



I've seen a number of threads which customers ask about attaching documents and MYOB respond that you can't because its a purchase order.


In my opinion there are two situations in which purchase orders are utilised

1. where it is part of a businesses risk management for spend control

2. where it is part of managing progress claims


MYOB you seem to have focussed on reason #1 for purchase orders and not considered #2.

I'd like to provide the reason why it is useful to be able to have attachments to purchase documents. 


For clients, particularly in the Maritime Industry (but likely also for cross border transactions and the Building Industry) you negotiate an agreement for the cost of a product, generally a proforma invoice will be issued by the supplier at that time (which we want to track), and they may require say a 25% deposit.  The actual commercial invoice may not be issued until the product is released for delivery.  So if I ordered $100k Alluminum, paid $25k deposit, a payment may be required when shipped, and a further payment when landed, all this information needs to be tracked.  Why in my business would we want to track this information only when the actual invoice arrives?


Any chance you can put this on your road map, and equally have purchase orders work in the Cloud solution also?





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    Hi businessstudioi,


    It's great to have you here in the Community Forum!


    I appreciate your comprehensive post. You've highlighted the importance of attaching documents to purchase orders, particularly in sectors like maritime and construction. At the moment, MYOB doesn't have the feature to directly attach documents to purchase orders. However, there's a workaround - you can use the In Tray documents feature to attach documents to purchase orders.


    However, your ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated. I encourage you to please take a moment to post on the AccountRight Ideas Exchange board for consideration. You're welcome to share your thoughts with us.


    In the meantime, feel free to post again anytime you require further help.



    Kind regards,


  • Yes I would also love to see the ability to attach documents to a purchase order from the Intray. In our case the attached document would be a docket created determining the volume of the ordered product after weighing. Would imagine it to be particularly useful for everyone in the freight transport or waste management industries.