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11 years ago

Bank Feeds: Ability to delete transaction from Your Transactions

Can you add the ability to delete transactions from the right hand side of the bank feeds screen when you click the arrow to review the transaction? To delete the transaction you have close the bank feeds screen and go into the transaction journal in banking or find transactions.


"Deleting transactions from bank feeds"


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    Thank you for your post. I agree it would be able to great to delete those transactions instead of closing out of the bank feed window. In my testing it appears that you can delete Electronic Payment transactions but no other transactions. As a possible workaround you would need to close the Bank feed screen and delete the transactions through other methods as you have rightly said, via the transaction journal or find transactions. If you would like to see this enhancement added to the program, do please vote and comment.
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    Hello CWM2014 


    At the moment it isn't possible to delete several transactions at once. If you would like to see this in a future update of AccountRight, I'd advise you to vote for this idea here:

    Bulk delete option in AccountRight




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  • Was this fixed?    For some reason in one of my company accounts it has bank feed transactions back to June 2015 and we only need from Jan17.  How are we supposed to get rid of these?  I hope we don't have to put up with the many unwanted transactions  appearing everytime I go into reconcile the accounts?