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10 years ago

Bank Feeds: Ability to remove the log/sign in window for cloud based files

When I already have the bank feeds screen open (and have had to already login to bank feeds to get that far) I should not have to login again when I click the get bank feeds button.


It is frustrating having to login twice.


'Bank Feed Login Screen"



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    The old system of Myob was far superior to this cloud online version in my opinion.  There are so many things needed to log into twice.  When searching for customers in the sales option.... the old system used to automatically highlight the name and I could just start typing the company name to search for.  Now I need to actually highlight the company name that shows up.  Maybe I'm not explaining myself very well.... but myob is just SO FRUSTRATING and even when you complain and they say they will change something.... it doesnt get done. Emailing also needs fixing.  Needs so many votes when obviously a lot of people have complained and looking at the idea status on the screen..... maybe later????? Duplicate 298 people.....??????  Come on MYOB.  Things need to change FAST.  

    Rant over.

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    Disagree that the old system is better.  AccountRight 2015.1 has a lot more to offer than the dinosaur desktop version.   Users, bookkeepers and consultant's need to embrace the new version.    If users are upgrading from version 19 to version 2015.1 and not changing the way they do things and getting the right training on the new features then of course they won't see any differences.  


    I embraced the cloud version a very long time ago and 90% of my clients are on the cloud, easily supported and they love it.   I can log into their file and help them in their hour of need without having to travel an hour to get to them.   Now when I have to use the dinosaur version (mostly for the reasons that my client has M-powered or multicurrency) I now get frustrated with what version 19 can’t do in comparison.


    Yes there is still some little bugs and they will be on the list to get fixed, obviously there is thousands of users on this forum that want different things fixed or enhanced and MYOB no doubt has a long priority list.    The new version will only get better and the dinosaur version will  hmmmmm just stay the same.  Embrace the change people.

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    Thank you for your feedback Kelly81  


    Currently in the software this is a bank feed security process to make sure you are the person that has logged on. We do have a new update that has allowed all users that have access to the banking screen to have access to Bank Feeds>>Get Transactions. Have a look at this post here -Improve collaboration around your bank feeds


    If any other users would like to see the second login screen disappear from the bank feeds screen please cast your votes and comment.

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    Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, this request has had no support from the community since it was submitted, so we are moving this idea to the Archived status. For more information on Idea Statuses, please read this article: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages