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9 years ago

Bank Feeds: Excel option

As the support centre confirmed this is not possible at the moment I wondered if a future upgrade could allow this. 


We are using the system to process sales, earnings from associated businesses.


At the moment I manually type in the data to excel.   


In the past, we did move it to the bank register as a first step and then generate an excel file. But it involves double handling things to allocate to a general account first and then later split it between advisers and then match.


It would be more time efficient and accurate to generate a report to excel from the Bank Feed or a Bank Feed Report option.  


Other businesses who need to follow up receipts and sales documents to allow bank feed transactions to be allocated would also benefit from being able to export to excel from the Bank Feed screen.


"Enable "Bank Feeds" data to be exported to excel"

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  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2017.1 introduced a Copy to clipboard option for the Bank Feeds window. This will allow the user to copy the data that is shown on screen to their clipboard for pasting in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and/or another program.

    Help Article: How bank feeds can work for you would be able to assist with that process.