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7 years ago

Bank Feeds: Rules - Ability to match description of bank transaction with that of the invoice number

Our business receives hundreds of small payments each month from hundreds of different customers.  Our customers are well trained to include the Invoice Number in the payment reference field, which then comes into MYOB on the bank feed.


What we'd like is a bank feed rule that is smart enough to match the number in the payment reference field against an open invoice number, and if the invoice amount also matches, then create a Receive Payment against the invoice ready for Approval.


This would save us a large amount of time each month.


"Bank Feed Rule for Invoice Number to Receive Payment"


  • This would help so much. I have to write all the invoice numbers down on paper than go and search them all then go back to bank feeds to apply them. It's really annoying. 

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    The ability to search for an invoice number from within the bank feed/receive payment window goes a long way to addressing this but having a rule would be better!

  • Totally agree, we have multiple payments for the same amount and with no invoice number on the bank feed, and no way to match the reference number to an invoice it is really time wasting and confusing.