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11 years ago

Bank Feeds: Rules - Always show Advanced options

When we create bank rules do we really need to have advanced options as an option. In my opinion it should just be one screen with all options available, instead of having to click into another screen. The "advanced options," such as the ability to split a transaction, or to add a card to a rule, are not really "advanced" at all, they are options which should be standard and as such should be available immediately. 


"Bank rules"


  • Status changed:
    Thanks for your suggestion. We can understand your frustration with the additional clicks. We're keen to hear what others think, should the options be consolidated? Please add any votes and comments below.
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    Get rid of all the clicks everywhere - too annoying.  The original software was built with workflow in mind.  

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    My clients are getting frustrated because they didn't realise the additional features were available as they hadn't clicked on Advanced button.  The screen is so big and virtually empty so it would make sense to have all the options showing - then people would see it and hopefully use it.

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    Can we please have the Supplier or Customer CARD options on the main screen on the bank feed rule details.


    Currently the user has to click on Show Advanced Options. Rarely users do this and then there is no cards attached to spend money and receive money transactions.  


    It is best practice to have Cards on the transactions as it is easier to look up history on transactions using Find Transactions via cards.  



     "Card option on Bank Feed Rule Main Screen"