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12 years ago

Bank Register: Cursor to default to date

When entering a new transaction in the bank register window in V19, the cursor started in the date field.


In AR 2012 the cursor remains at the Record field and hitting tab sends it to the menu bar at the top of the screen, thus requiring another 7 or 8 tabs to get back to the date.


Is it possible to revert to the V19 system or alternatively create a shortcut (eg Alt+O) which eliminates the mouse and makes data entry a lot quicker - the whole porpose of having the Bank Register window?


"Bank Register Shortcuts"



  • In AR 2014 After recording a transaction in the Bank Register is it possible for the date field to be highlighted and ready for typing in the new date and transaction details, at this stage I am having to tab several times or use the mouse to click the date field after every transaction. (it does default to the date field in Spend Money but prefer to use bank register).

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    I agree; as it is a backwards step at the present time.

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    Thanks for letting us know, I can see how that would be annoying. In terms of Bank data entry we're working on some automated bank feed functionality which will help a lot in getting these transactions entered.
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    Hi Everyone

    With AccountRight 2023, after recording a transaction via the Bank Register the date entry field would be highlighted ready to enter a new date for the next transaction.