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9 years ago

Banking: Search Card by Contact

For your consideration.


I have lots and lots of individual (not company) customers.


Sometimes their customer card is set up by first name, some by individual surname, some by family name.  


I would like to oppotunity to search within the Receive Money or Receive Payment screen for the Payor. 


Currently i have to bomb out of the middle of the transaction, go to Card File, do my search and return to Bank Feeds screen to update.


Thanks muchly



 "Card File in Transaction Search"


  • Yeah, I have this same problem - sometimes the entity that pays your invoice is not the same as the customer name.  If you're lucky the invoice number may have been entered with the deposit details and you can then go to the 'find' function and check that.  It would be great if you could enter the 'receive' function using the invoice number as well as using the customer's name.  

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    When generating a Receive Money or Spend Money transaction in the AccountRight browser interface users would get the option to select a contact. This field would search by any value in the contact's name. For example, if the card is John Smith and you search Smith or it... that contact would appear.