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10 years ago

Card File: Add Custom list entries by entered postcode

I see MYOB as one huge and complex database - like a super excel file.


It would be excellent if we could use functions and formulaes in MYOB similar to Excel.


An example - we are a service provider and schedule jobs in similar areas at the same time. To help we have custom fields in our client's card files, so on top of their address details we have a field designating an area or region. "north East, Far South, Hills, rural etc. This allows us to schedule jobs quickly and easily and importantly efficiently - when this information is correctly input.


It would be great to have this custom field auto input based on the post cde which is already put in. Essentially applying different area based on the post code.


"using functions for automated input"

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    Hello VRoth 


    Thank you for your suggestions, we're always looking to improve workflow in AccountRight and would be happy to consider the automatic input based on same post code. 


    If there are any other users that would like this function please do comment and cast your vote+ up the top left of this page. 


    Kind regards,