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9 years ago

Card File: Assign job to supplier or customer

We would love to see in the card file area a place to assign jobs to a supplier or customer, just like currently it is possible to  assign an account code to a supplier or customer.

"Assign job to supplier or customer"


  • It would be handy to pre-alloacte job numbers to specific cards, sepcifically for me , suppliers & employees.

     With 4 different shops & 20 staff & over 100 suppliers, pre alloacating would save time

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    It would be ideal if a default Job and Category field could be available on Card files rather to enter the job number on every line of the Sales etc and the Category at the bottom of every Sale etc.


  • The customer and supplier cards to have the option of a default job to make the data entry for a sale or purchase more efficient and consistent. The option is already available for a default account number and a default allocation memo so by having the option available for a default job would be a further extension to the customer and supplier cards.

  • I agree (7 years later).  Are you planning to implement this anytime soon, MYOB?